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OFFICIAL: N-Power Test Timetable 2017 for Teach, Tax, Health and Agric: The Exam Dates and Area of Concentration for the Test

The N-Power selection will be done in phases nationwide. During which the assessment test which comprises of Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge and other questions testing basic knowledge of English will be conducted. Please note that the questions will depend on the programme you applied for. N/B: The N-Power Online Tests can …

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Revealed: All You Need to Know About Male Menopause

Even though only women have been known to suffer menopause when they attain a particular age, Oladapo Ashiru, here, tells us how even men experience it too. Andropause, also known as male menopause, is due to changes in the hormonal levels in men, which progressively decline with age. It is …

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

1. Make water your go-to Drinking water can help you lose weight. Appetite and thirst are regulated through the same part of the brain, leading you to think you’re hungry when you really need a glass of water. Beat the confusion by drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 …

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